This year we celebrated our Scouters with our first ever Proud Scouter Moments Awards. These were selected from posts made on social media using #proudscoutermoment. Here are our 4 winners for 2023 - click on each story to for the link to the original posts:

Proud Scouter


A Proud Scouter Moment is a story of when a Scouter saw Our Opportunity come to life.

These stories connect us and we want to celebrate them all,

from large overnight adventures to quiet moments at a weekly meeting!

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It's through these stories that we remember why we do what we do and see why what we do is so important to our youth.

Our Opportunity

Communities need us now more than ever.

The pandemic has elevated the importance of kids having fun outdoor adventures with their friends.

Scouting does just that.

As a committed team of more than 14,000, we have a unique opportunity

to serve kids and their families.​

We know youth are capable of anything.

​ Scouting gives youth the opportunity to lead and discover the spark to light their fire.

As Scouters, we know that to overcome the challenges ahead

we need to give more people the chance to lead.

To do this, we must:​

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• Center youth and start with “yes”​

• Build genuine, trusting relationships​

Uplift diverse perspectives and appreciate the contributions of all​

• Tap into the potential of the many while actively removing barriers

We will create a movement of happier, healthier youth that contribute to a better world. Together, we can play a pivotal role in supporting kids and their families to thrive in a post-pandemic world. ​

The time is NOW.

The Network​

Collaborate and

Make Change

The Network​

Collaborate and

Make Change

Let's build a place for Scouters to tap into the potential of the many and make a stronger Scouts Canada, both locally and nationally.

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Working together, Scouters can:

  • Connect: Any Scouter is welcome to join! The Network will expand your community with access to thousands of Scouters from different parts of Canada, with broad skillsets and perspectives.

  • Collaborate: You will have access to unique opportunities to co-design ways to improve the Scouting program, reach Canadians in new ways, and engage diverse communities.

  • Innovate: You will be involved in finding innovative and creative solutions to the challenges Scouting in Canada faces and help pursue emerging opportunities.

  • Take Action: Your ideas will be uplifted, and you will be empowered and supported to try new things in your Sections.

The Network aims to empower Scouters to take personal action in their local communities to support the cultural shifts required to meet the needs of children and youth today and in the future.

Let's share our ideas and experiences to help another Scouter grow.

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Who's Behind This?

Meet the Core Urgency Team

Core urgency team


is made up of 20+ diverse volunteer

Scouters from across Canada.

We see the impact we can have if, as a

team of 14,000 Scouters,

we work together.

We are interested in connecting with Scouters to share the Opportunity, celebrate how Scouters are making a difference in the lives of young people, and to find ways to collaborate so we can keep making an impact.

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You Asked, We Answered

The Network is our space to ask,



collaborate, and

grow as a team, so we can say YES to more adventures.

As we spread the word on our opportunity, we get asked some questions. Here's our most frequently asked ones:

I feel like this has been tried before. What's different this time?

You're not wrong, we've tried different ways to come together, but not like this. Scouts Canada recognizes that not all voices were represented in the past.

Through the Network, Scouts Canada is committed to working with Scouters to make sure that volunteers and staff are empowered to deliver impactful experiences that meet the needs of youth.

Scouts is inviting members to join the conversations that will shape our strategic direction and share their moments of how they have made an impact.

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"Being a Scouter already takes a lot of time. Being a part of ‘another thing’ is too much for me right now."

We can appreciate that. As Scouters, we give a lot to the program.

The great thing about the Network is that you can choose the time commitment you want to put into it. You can give as much time to helping other as you want. No commitment necessary.

Imagine being able to ask questions to other Scouters and for them to share how they did what you're looking to do.

Maybe you've created an activity that you'd like to share with other Colonies across the country, so they can take the night off of planning something.

The Network is a place for Scouters to connect, inspire, learn, and share as together we strengthen the Scouting community.

How do I join the network?

Are you ready to share, ask, collaborate, learn, and grow?

That's great! The Network is hosted on an app called Workplace.

Join the network

click here...

Is this a new program or mission statement?

No, it’s not a new program or mission. The Opportunity statement describes what is possible and why. It speaks to how we can work together to move Scouts Canada’s strategic plan forward to best support Canadian youth.

We're already doing this in our group. Do we need to change?

Terrific! We would love to hear and share your stories! Learning from each other, laughing along with funny moments and becoming awestruck by a youth’s growth, are exactly what makes us proud to be Scouters.

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